Magnolia Park PD Property Owner's Association, Inc. - Welcome to the officical HOA Website
Magnolia Park is a beautiful community tucked away in Sanford, Florida. Centrally located between Interstate-4 and 417. Sanford, is one of Central Florida’s oldest incorporated cities, with bricklined streets, towering oaks, elegant store-fronts and large, and historic nineteenth-century Victorian homes. The hidden gems of downtown Sanford, once featured feed stores and dry good sellers, now showcases antique shops, restaurants and art galleries. Picturesque First Street , the center of downtown Sanford, is a vibrant, enticing destination. One in which we are excited to call home.
The community is appreciative to all the homeowners that continue to meet their assessment obligations. Homeowner association assessments are billed and due semiannually in
January 1st   & July 1st
if you have not met these obligations your account is extremely past due!
In order to pay online you will need your homeowner account number.  This can be found on the top corner of the payment coupon. If you do not have a coupon, please contact Sentry Management.
Monday, March 24, 2014  AT 6:30 p.m.
(General Meeting)
Sanford Police Department
815 Historic Goldsboro Blvd.
Sanford, Fl 32771
All residents are welcome at our HOA meetings. We encourage you to attend meetings and get to know the board members & community issues.  Your thoughts matter and attendance from homeowners allows the board of directors to better serve the association.
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Yard of the Month Winner
March 2014
Yards of the Month are awarded for the months of March through October. The overall goal of the Yard of the Month Award Program is to recognize homeowners whose property exemplifies the vision of Keeping Our Community At Its Best! Recognition for a well maintained, beautiful yard is a great feeling and your hard work shows. The Yard of the Month winner will receive a $25.00 gift certificate from Home Depot!
If you think a lawn measures up let us know. Nominations for Yard of the Month are now open!  Submit your nomination here...
Watering Restrictions
Thursday & Sunday - Even House #'s
Wednesday & Saturday - Odd House #'s
No watering between 10:00am and 4:00pm on ANY day of the week.

General Community Reminders
ARB Participation Along with our HOA Rules and Regulations, we appreciate your cooperation as you make changes to your property by complying with the ARB. Forms are available on our website under the Forms Tab and other information is available there for your review. Thank you in advance for following the rules and for working with us to make sure our neighborhood retains its value by ensuring all home change requests comply with our deed restrictions and HOA documents.
We have noticed that many of our residents have taken the time to replace sod, trim & fertilize their lawns, pressure wash, and paint. A special thanks to all of you who’ve spent time to make sure our neighborhood stays as beautiful as the day we moved in. If your home is one of the homes that could still use some real TLC and you are pressed for time or have a limited budget, please join us at an HOA meeting or contact the property manager at Sentry for a list of maintenance companies. There are many reliable resources that offer services at a reasonable rate.

Pet & Doggie Stations
Please be considerate and clean up after your pet.  It’s the law and subject to fines by City of Sanford ordinance!  Please be aware of the facts:
         Dog Waste is unhealthy. Abandoned dog waste can host diseases and/or parasites which can infect other dogs and/or people.
        Dog Waste bio-degrades slowly. Some people think its okay to leave dog waste because it will break down naturally. However, the biodegrading process is very slow, and, especially in places where the dog population is high, abandoned dog waste can accumulates faster than it breaks down.
        It’s not fertilizer.  Waste impedes landscaping efforts. Leaving dog waste encourages other dogs to mark that spot (by urinating over the previous dog’s scent): waste left on the grass contributes to the problem of “nitrogen burn.”
        Dog Waste pollutes the water.  Dog waste, contains high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus, which actually pollute the water.  Cleaning up after your dog is environmentally responsible. And please don’t dispose of dog waste in storm drains: storm drains are a direct conduit to our drainage system!